About us

Situated in the beautiful Bethlehem town centre, Shoo brings to the customer a refined collection from over 25 renowned New Zealand and international shoes brands. Such as Kathryn Wilson, Alfie & Evie, Django & Juliette and Gelato, to name a few. 

Emma Swanson, the director of Shoo, came up with the concept after discovering her passion for shoes many years ago and wanting to bring her vision of design to the industry. With a love for fashion comes the desire to select the ideal match for your collection. 

Since 2019 Shoo made its appearance in the industry and has grown significantly since then and is still getting bigger and stronger each day. At Shoo, we believe that shopping should be enjoyable and fabulous, with the ultimate goal of finding that ideal pair of shoes you've always desired.

The Shoo e-commerce site, which delivers heavenly shoes and accessories to your door locally and nationally 24/7, mirrors the same personal shopping enjoyment. Shoo has a fantastic team of dedicated employees who all work together to make Shoo the success story it is today.