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Silk & Steel

Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Gold

Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Gold

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Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Gold 

Introducing the Silk & Steel Amour Heart Ring, a true embodiment of timeless love and romance. This beautiful ring draws inspiration from a heartwarming discovery—an antique leather-bound book, found in a picturesque Parisian flea market. Dating back to 1917, this book contains a precious handwritten love note and delicately preserved rose petals, an eloquent testament to enduring love stories.

Combining the charm of baroque design with modern elegance, the beautiful black spinel stone, set in 14K gold-plated sterling silver, creates a stunning contrast that evokes a modern-vintage aesthetic. The soft gold hues of the metal beautifully complement the deep black spinel, resulting in a striking and luxurious finish.

Black spinel is believed to offer protection and grounding energy, enhancing resilience and inner strength. It also brings a sense of calm and clarity, enriching the symbolism of love and connection that this ring represents.

Whether as an expression of self-love or a thoughtful gesture to someone special, the Silk & Steel Amour Heart Ring holds profound sentiment. 

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