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Silk & Steel

Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Silver

Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Silver

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Amour Ring By Silk & Steel - Black/Silver 

Presenting the Silk & Steel Amour Heart Ring, a timeless symbol of love and romance. This exquisite piece takes inspiration from a heartwarming find—a vintage leather-bound book discovered in a charming Parisian flea market, dating back to 1917. Inside, a treasured handwritten love note and delicately preserved rose petals tell a tale of enduring love.

Blending the allure of baroque aesthetics with contemporary sophistication, this ring showcases a stunning black spinel stone set in rhodium-plated sterling silver. The cool, silver tones of the metal artfully complement the deep black spinel, resulting in an edgy-luxe finish that elevates this modern-vintage design.

Black spinel is renowned for its protective and grounding energies, fostering resilience and inner strength. It also brings a sense of tranquility and clarity, enhancing the meaningful symbolism of love and connection embodied by this ring.

Whether as an expression of self-love or a thoughtful gift for a cherished person, the Silk & Steel Amour Heart Ring holds profound sentiment. Arrives beautifully gift-wrapped in our signature Silk & Steel packaging.

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